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Quality Policy

Bluseal Ltd operates a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the
requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2015 certification and statutory requirements specific to the
construction industry, including “The Building Regulations 2010” (Building Act 1984). An
effective QMS is important to Bluseal because we value our customers and stakeholders.
We strive to provide customers with products and services which meet and exceed their

We have set the following commitments to align with our QMS:

  • Ensure customer and statutory requirements are determined. Understood and consistently met.
  • Identify and address risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of the services and products.
  • Set Quality objectives that will help improve the performance of the business
  • (service & product).
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the QMS, including training and support.

The commitments set by top management can only be successfully achieved by the assistance and co-operation from all employees at Bluseal Ltd. With effective leadership and support, every employee will understand the importance of the QMS and their responsibility to contribute to its effectiveness.

This policy will be reviewed annually by top management and amended and re-issued if deemed necessary. This policy is available to relevant interested parties, upon reasonable request.

 Date – 10.02.22 
 Steven Spencer – Managing Director