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Controlled Atmosphere

  • Insulated sliding doors can be made “gas-tight” for installation into Controlled Atmosphere or Ultra Low Oxygen rooms.
  • The ease of operation and the aesthetic appearance make the SCR sliding system the preferred choice of architects and end users.
  • Decades of research and development by highly experienced designers has delivered one of the most hygienic and technically advanced insulated sliding doors on the market.
  • Enhanced thermal resistance properties hence popular throughout the food industry. Recently diversified into pharmaceutical and automotive industries amongst others.
  • Easy to clean, ergonomic track with rounded canopy that protects the stainless steel mechanisms from dust and dirt.
  • Automatic system available with the latest safety features and a range of opening methods.
  • T5-treated frame and leaf surround that provides outstanding durability against the most aggressive of wash-down facilities. Stainless steel is also available.
  • Injected leaf provides excellent adhesion between the leaf face and the door surround making the leaf more robust than those made from insulated panels.
  • No visible fixings to the leaf or the frame, essential in a hygienic environment.
  • Strong double gasket provides an excellent seal against the floor/frame and can withstand the day-to-day rigours of a busy factory environment.


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