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Fire Shutter

  • 2-hour door is available with a space-saving, tube motor to reduce the width required to install the door.
  • External motor model can be provided as 2-hour or 4-hour.
  • In addition to the standard galvanised steel finish we can also fully powder coat the door, hood cover, guides etc.
  • The controlled descent facility ensures guaranteed closing of the curtain with the additional benefit of allowing frequent testing of the fire containment system without risk of damage.
  • Fire shutter doors incorporate a clutch disengagement system which can be manually or remotely operated by either a fusible link or a solenoid release (see below). The disengagement of clutch initiates the controlled closure of the door curtain under its own weight.
  • Fusible link assembly for operation of fire shutters in the immediate vicinity of a fire.
  • Solenoid operation by 24 volt DC signal from the smoke detection or fire alarm system.
  • Our prices will include for the supply and installation of these doors unless otherwise requested.
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