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Rapid Rise

  • We can supply rapid rise doors from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, using our experience to offer the best solution whilst maintaining a competitive price.
  • Our preferred supplier over the last 10 years has been DYNACO.
  • The DYNACO High Speed Doors are high quality products that are designed to meet the requirements made by modern companies relating to safety, reliability and economy.
  • All DYNACO High Speed doors are equipped with the unique ʺBreak Awayʺ system, which prevents the door from being damaged by a collision. If this happens, the curtain detaches from the door guide rails and functionality is restored by simply opening the door. The door will automatically run into place in the guide rails as it closes.
  • The ʺBreak Awayʺ or ʺSelf-Repairingʺ system avoids expensive service visits and critical stoppages in logistical operations.
  • To achieve maximum safety, all DYNACO rapid rise models are equipped with a standard wireless bottom rubber profile to ensure that the door instantly reverses direction if it encounters resistance as it closes. There is also a photocell located safely inside the door guide to prevent the door from closing if an object obstructs the beam.
  • All DYNACO Doors are certified in accordance with the latest European standards and are delivered with CE labelling pursuant to EN 13241-1.
  • Our rapid rise doors are suitable for operation in ambient, chill or freezer temperatures.
  •  Optional side guide, motor & hood covers are available in galvanised steel, stainless steel or a choice of RAL colours.
  • Our experience enables us to advise as to the best method of door operation depending on the application: Push Button, Pull Cord, Radar, Remote Control, Induction  Loop.
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